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Filmmaking and Television are in my blood. I knew it very early on. My father, a television engineer for 43 years, let me tag along with him on projects in studio at the station and out in the field. Several of his friends took me under their wing and soon became mentors, sharing their knowledge of cameras and lenses. Along with my father, they guided me, teaching and answering questions, exposing me to whole new creative world that would eventually become my own. The most important lesson I gleaned from these early times was to have fun at work.

After high school, having been exposed to “the business”, I initially thought I wanted to be an actor. I studied theater in Charlotte, NC, eventually landing a role as a convict for a local film production company. What I learned from this experience was that perhaps I had chosen the wrong side of production and that what I really longed for was to get back to the world of my mentors, the world of cameras and lenses.

I enrolled at Appalachian State University to study photography and film. While there, I was mentored again, this time by two wonderful professors who took me under their wing. They not only taught me filmmaking and photography but the value of friendship as well. Along the way to my MA, I learned the importance of teamwork in the creative process and how sharing knowledge with others not only aids in the creation but enhances the eventual outcome.

Through all these years I have been truly blessed to work worldwide with some of the most talented people in the business. The lifelong friends I have made and shared these times with, laughing, crying, and ultimately creating, are invaluable to me in this journey. I took to heart the mentoring I have received during my life and have tried to pass my knowledge along to young people following this path.

Cameras, lenses, light and shadow are my world. I did learn how to “have fun at work” and continue to this day following in my father's footsteps... I love making images and telling stories...

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Barry Dycus

Athens, GA

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