‪”Without a doubt Barry Dycus is the best at his craft. Every project is a blank canvas that he turns into a beautiful piece of art. No question he's at the top of my list on every project I do. Not only do I love to collaborate with him, he's just a great guy to be around.”

Matt Clement, Director of Productions and Technical Operations at Justice Network


‪”Quite simply, Barry is one of the best DPs in the sports television industry. He's got a wealth of experience, can create any look imaginable and is up to date on the latest in digital cinema capture. He's easy to work with as well; you won't be disappointed in the final results with Barry behind the camera.

Kevin Shaw, Director/Cinematographer/Producer


I have worked with Barry and his incredible crew as both a producer and as a client. He is one of the best Director of Photography I've had the pleasure to work with--always coming up with great, creative ideas, making suggestions that made each project that much better, as well as proposing a better way to tell my client's story. And though he's a gifted visionary and artist, he is also a great collaborator--something many of you who work with DPs know, is rare. He's as trustworthy, enthusiastic, good and meticulous on the little projects as he is on the big ones. In the production world, Barry is a true gem!

Diana Keough, Digital Media Entrepreneur


‪”Barry Dycus is an excellent Director of Photography and a really creative thinker who delivers beautiful, memorable pictures. Plus he and his team are just a blast to work with!”

Kate Rolston, Executive Producer at Real Content Media Group


‪”Barry was the lead DP on the 2009 Sports Emmy Award winning Noodling piece, in the long form feature category. Barry is creative, works hard and is one of the best shooters I've worked with. We've been working together for 7 years... and I still work with him today. I would hire Barry for any project, regardless of content or size.

Martin Khodabakhshian, ESPN Producer/Independent Filmmaker


‪”Barry is a true artist and an absolute pleasure to work with. He brings his passion for his craft and his boundless creativity to every job, and will always be at the top of my list for every project. His expertise and experience is a true asset on every set and at every location.”

Jason Boucher, Owner, Editor, Colorist at Greydog Creative